Solar 80W Kit

More Info

System : 80w Mono crystalline solar panel with 2xLed lights
Power Unit: 12v/40AH Rechargeable
Acces & Dimension: 2x Led Lights and 2x USB Sockets ,690mmx984mmx25mm
Working Voltage: 240V 50HZ, 10 Amp Modified sine wave
Energy AC Can work 2-4 hours, only DC can work more than 15 hours
Operating Temp & IP Rating: -30 Degrees to 50 Degrees, IP44
Benifits & Features
  • Substantial Energy Saving and very Low Maintenance
  • Easy to operate and move
  • Suitable for area lighting
  • Part list including 1x 80w Solar Panel, 1x host kit,2x 3w LED Light, 2x 10m Switch Wire

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