Solar 45W Kit

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System : 45w  Mono crystalline solar panel with 6x Led lights & 2 sets mobile charges
Power unit: 12V/40Ah maintenance free seal lead acid battery
Acces & Dimension: 6x Led Lights and 2 x sets mobile charges, 520mmx355mmx30mm
Working voltage: 12V, 5 Amp
Energy: System with led lights can last up to 20 hours
Operating Temp & IP Rating: -20 Degrees to 55 Degrees, IP44
Benifits & Features
  • Substantial Energy Saving and very Low Maintenance
  • No utility grid required.
  • This solar power kit can be used to power small daily DC Electronic & electrical applications, small DC TV, DC lamp, Mobile, Radio
  • Good for occasion where utility grid is difficult to access.
  • The power unit is an independent source that supply power to your applications.

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