P6-TE LED Display Monitor

More Info

Application environment Outdoor Fixed
Pixel pitch (mm) Visual pitch: 6
Physical pitch:12
Brightness (nits) ≥6000
Pixel configuration 2R1G1B, 3mm oval
Scanning Mode 1/4
Panel weight (kgs) 60/48
Pixel per ㎡ 6941
Pixel matrix per panel 160×160
Display refresh rate (Hz) >2,000
Input power (Max/Avg.) (w/㎡) 300/130
Panel size (W*H*D) (mm) 960*960*140
Panel area (㎡) 0.922
Panel material Steel/AL
Ingress protection (front/rear) IP65/IP43
Certification CE
Benefits & Features
  • Outdoor fixed display
  • Excellent colour performance even if viewed from a wide angle
  • Great brightness and colour uniformity
  • Energy saving, noise free design
  • Reliable, stable display quality
  • High-end signage in shopping centres
  • Corporate applications
  • Sporting arenas and command and control centres
  • Displays in schools and universities

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