50-120W Solar Street Light

More Info

Solar Panel Max Power 50W 24V Polly Crystalline
Solar Panel Lifetime 15+ years
Battery Type LiFePO4 15AH 19.2V
Battery Lifetime 5∼6 years
LED Power
  • 30W 3000 lumens
  •  50W 5000 lumens
  •  60W 7200 lumens max (range from 40W to 60W, 1W = 120 lumens)
LED Chip US Bridgelux
LED Lifetime > 50000 hours
LED Viewing Angle 120°
LED Colour Temperature Pure/cool white, 4000-6000K
Benefits & Features
  • Solar street light is green and eco-friendly.
  • Available in different wattage levels to suit needs.
  • LED lifetime of over 50,000 hours.
  • Solar panel lifetime over 10 years.
  • Australian designed and developed.

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