Project of the Year – Design and installation of cost effective aerial security lighting for Mbabane Shanty Towns – LEDTek Global

Detroit, MI 21, December 2015 GPM, the world’s largest sustainability professional development organization announced the recipients of its 2015 sustainability awards.

Since 2011, GPM has honored projects and individuals who advance sustainable development through project management. “This year we have seen a turning point in the adoption of susainable practices.” said Dr. Joel Carboni, GPM Founder and President and later shared “It was Georg Kell, at the UN +15 event in May who stated “…finally, asset managers are waking up to the basic reality that sustainability pays off.  Long term financial success can only be assured if companies also good on governance, on social behavior, and environmental stewardship. Failure on any of these three pillars will make it impossible for companies to sustain success over time or to become successful.”  Organizations that support and individuals who drive change should be recognized for their outstanding achievements.


Project of the Year

Design and installation of cost effective aerial security lighting for Mbabane Shanty Towns – LEDTek Global


Issue of night lighting was identified as being a security problems and therefore an issue for public safety (including violence and crime). The project required the design, fabrication and installation of cost effective aerial lighting to allow for a secure level of lighting to be maintained across the “Shanty Town”. The effective lighting levels were to be maintained throughout the night and provide an enanced level of safety for the residents. The issues identified within this project were reflective of the strategic items identified within PRiSM management methodology and particularly emphasised the linkage between people, planet and profit related drivers. The project combined the use of 60m high towers on to which were mounted 200 w LED floodlights.

Project Outline

The project was to design, fabricate and install effective aerial lighting mounted on 60m high towers placed around the existing shanty towns. The project also provided for an acceptance criteria for the installation to be certified as delivering pre-determined “lux” levels on the ground at designated distances from the towers. Further details of these criteria will be discussed in other sections of the submission.

The final solution was to not only provide enhanced security for residents by way of the achieved lighting levels but also to provide a sustainable solution that achieved a cost effective solution. The balancing of these imperatives highlighted the overall integrated linkage between the drivers of “people”, “planet”, “profit” – when used with “effective “products” and “processes”. These factors also highlighted the important principles of sustainability which were contained within the United Nations “ten principles of global sustainability”.

Alternative lighting sources were trailed by were not able to meet the criteria of lighting levels delivered on the ground.  LEDtek attention to managing the aspects of the design phase, with particular emphasis on the incorporation of sustainability methodologies as per PRiSM, combined to produce the effective outcome of the project, meeting all the criteria.

The project required that consideration be given to the needs of the residents as well as meeting the needs of the government authorities (both short and longer term goals).  The successful implementation of these works was an important integrated component of the overall government’s plans for these towns. The improvements within these towns would not only affect the local residents but would also have an effect on the region’s population as a whole and the country as a whole. The effect on direct and indirect stakeholders was important to this projects outcomes. For more, visit